Create Day – Sold out


Wednesday 12 October
9.30am to 5pm


You are invited to rediscover your role as the powerful creator of your story.

If you are stuck in go mode, let this be your pause and reboot day.

Time to focus on your bucket list, not your task list.

Surrounded by women who’ll help you to be your most magnificent self.

Life is short. Make yours marvellous!

Fire up your imagination in this space for possibilities.

Live more by design, and less by default.

Find your happy, your groove and flow.

Share a lavish lunch.

And have fun doing something different.

Tickets are limited to just 40 fabulous women.

It’s an intimate affair, so that you can make meaningful connections. It will feel more like a fabulous dinner party than a conference.

It is not a sit-n-listen, hide-in-the-crowd, hand-out-your-cards kind of yawn fest. You will be actually engaging in quality conversation and creating.

No PowerPoint slides. No sales pitch. No fluff.

Our aim is to stretch thinking, touch hearts, give generously, and share some belly laughs.

Be inspired by women who’ve done great things and have big stories to tell.


Catherine is one of the most gifted and prolific writers in Australia. Famous for her razor sharp wit and her work as a columnist with The Age, as a Melbourne International Comedy Festival favourite and as an ABC regular. She has been named in the Top 100 Most Influential Melbournians. Comedian, social commentator, atheist, dyslexic, self-appointed commuter cyclist ambassador, and advocate for more female voices in public life. Catherine never shies away from challenging topics. Her candid honesty will stretch your head, split your sides and make her mark on your soul.

Johanna is the founder of personal development business, Heart Sparks. She helps people to passionately chase their dreams with unashamed authenticity. She’ll bring a swag full of tips and tools to help you live your best life by standing powerfully in all that you are. Women’s Fitness Magazine hailed her a ‘positivity expert’ and she’s also featured in The Renegade Collective, ELLE Magazine, Daily Guru, Inspired Coach Magazine, ROOOAR Magazine and many radio and television broadcasts. Johanna’s background is in social work, counselling and leadership development. She is an internationally certified life coach, a Director for Rotary International’s Youth Leadership Award program, and an active campaigner against youth homelessness. She’s the loving push you need to take life to the next level.

Kirsten founded the Radical Life Movement. At age 40 she finally cracked the code for wild fulfilment, crazy self-love and contagious happiness. Now she helps women worldwide to do the same. She’ll stop us from settling and sacrificing, and help us to hear our inner wisdom, so that we can live with ease, flow, abundance and joy. Kirsten is one of Smart Company’s Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs, and an amateur hip hop dancer too. She’s a brave boundary pusher who is living large so we can too.

Loretta is joyful to her core and it is contagious. But she too spent years wearing a superhero cape, expertly juggling it all, facing any challenge, soldiering on, knuckling down, pushing, holding it all together, putting herself last on the list, and exhausting herself trying to be perfect. Then she said “enough” and everything changed. Today she helps women architect lives they love to live. She leads by example, and offers practical tools to help you be happier, more confident, clearer and full of love. I know you’re going to be grateful to add her to your posse.

Zuleika is an artist. Singer, dancer, actor, comedian, writer, director, teacher and star. Aged just six Zule danced and played piano at The Opera House, and she’s graced almost every major stage in this country since. Her stage credits include major roles in Avenue Q, Rent, Godspell, and Westside Story. And she’s starred in TV ads for Coles too. She’s a graduate of both NIDA and VCA. And fascinatingly Zule is also a practicing Division 1 Registered Nurse. She believes that “there is nothing more therapeutic to a tortured soul than a good old belly laugh!” and this fuelled the creation of her globally renowned one woman cabaret show “Triage!”  She’s is gorgeous, soulful, hilarious, mega talented and a sheer delight.

Jasmine is a hand lettering artist, graphic designer and creative problem solver. She dreams of a world free of spelling errors, an endless supply of paper and where she can always find a pen. She will be personalising a gorgeous gift for every attendee. And she’ll also generously share her skills in making words look beautiful, and her musing on living a creative life.

Join us for a day of deep discussion, quality connection, and creating.



Maison Burlesque

Upstairs at 54 Bridge Road, Richmond

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Hello. I am your host for The Create Day.

I am a corporate refugee. And I have spent the last four years deliberately pursuing joy, self-love and fulfillment. I don’t have all the answers, but I have worked with some incredible individuals and learned life changing lessons.

Today I work with women and the things that matter to them most – their families, businesses and events. I serve as a business storyteller, portrait photographer and civil celebrant.

It’s my 40th birthday and I’m paying it forward with this event as my gift to you. I want to save you years of searching, and help you to up-level your life in just one wonderful day.

I am delighted to think of the impact you’ll have on yourself, your family, and your world as a result.


Gift yourself this day.
It will shape the next exciting chapter of your story.